Thursday, June 13, 2019

Create New Hosting Account from WHM

Many of our Hosting Resellers were being confused about creating Hosting Packages from WHM.
This article is provided as a courtesy to our customers to help you. Hope you will find it helpful.

Let's get started.

Step 1 :

Log in to your Client Area (Portal) with your registered email & password

You will be redirected to your Dashboard,

Step 2 :


You will get a list of your purchased  SERVICES,

Step 3 :

Click on your Hosting Reseller Package Name [Here in the figure it is named as Reseller - Startup 2]

You will be redirected to your  SERVICE (Reseller - Startup 2) 's control panel, 

Step 4 :

 Click on Login to WHM.

You will be redirected to your WHM control panel Dashboard.

Step 5 :

 Type Create in the Search Box WHM. From the Search Result click on Create a New Account

Step 6 :

You will be redirected to Create a New Account Wizard Page.
Fill the required information.
From Choose a Package option, you could select Previously Created Hosting Packages from the drop-down menu or you could define an entirely new customized package from here.

 If you just want to select the previously created hosting account, then select the preferred hosting package from the drop-down and scroll down a little bit. Keep the default checkboxes checked as shown in the below pic. :

In the highlighted and *** marked field, only check this checkbox if you want to use the domain registrars default nameservers, otherwise keep this unchecked.
Then click on the Create button.

In a very short time, you will get the 'Account Creation OK' success message with all the account details.
The same account details will also be sent to the accounts registered email address afterward.

You have successfully Created Your New Hosting Account through WHM.

Step 6.1 :

Now, while registering a new hosting account, If you want to define an entirely new customized package within the registration process, all you have to do is..
Keep the Choos a Package Dropdown Option Unselected (as Default).

Click the checkbox: Select Options Manually

Click the checkbox: Save Manual Setting As a package [Only Check If you want to save this customized package as a new package, otherwise leave it unchecked.]

Input the Customized Package NamePackage Name, Rest of the Steps are the same as discusses earlier.

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