Google Workspace Admin Login

How to take Google Workspace support directly from Google via Live Chat

The process of taking direct support from Google via Live Chat is very easy. Still, many of our new customers were facing difficulties while trying to get direct support from Google via Live Chat, especially for their Google Workspace ServicesThis article is provided as a courtesy to our customers, to help them taking direct support from Google via Live ChatHope you will find it helpful.

Let’s get started.

Step 1:
Login to your Google Workspace Admin Console using this link :

Input your registered admin email address and password then click on 

Google Workspace Admin Login
Google Workspace Admin Login

Step 2:
From to your Google Workspace Admin Console, click on the Support option. A new pop-up windows will be opened and from there click on the Chat radio button and then click on the Continue button.



Step 3:
From the next page, you will be asked How would you like to contact support?
Then click on the 
Chat option. Then you will be asked to briefly describe your issue. You can simply reply as  I need to chat with a live support agent (person) instead of bot.

Then the auto chat bot will ask you to select the chat language, you can select it as per your preference although English language support is much faster. Choose the language and the click on the Start Chat button.


Step 4:
You might need to wait in the chat support queue for a little bit.


Step 5:
After that, you will be assigned to a live chat support agent from Google Workspace. Now you can chat with the agent regarding your Google Workspace related issues and take direct help from his.


Congrats! You have successfully initiated Google Workspace chat support directly from Google.


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