Integrate Your Website With Cloudflare from cPanel

Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet.
It provides Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services, DDoS Protection, Internet security, and DNS Services. It protects your web site from threats and accelerates your websites. For these reasons, we have integrated Cloudflare feature in our cPanel.
Many of our customers were facing difficulties while integrating Cloudflare to their website from cPanel.
This article is provided as a courtesy to our customers, to help them integrating Cloudflare to their website from cPanel that will work with EyHost’s hosting solutions. Hope you will find it helpful.

Let’s get started.

Step 1:
Login to your cPanel

Step 2:
Scroll down a little bit,
In the SOFTWARE section you will find Cloudflare. Click on it.

Step 3:
Click on Create Your Free Account, if you don’t have any Cloudflare account.
Otherwise,  Sign in here and sign in with your existing Cloudflare account.

Step 4:
A new pop-up window will open in your web browser called Get started with Cloudflare.
Input your email address and password and then click on Create Account for creating a Cloudflare account.

Step 5:
Navigate to your email inbox, you will get a verification mail from Cloudflare.
Click of the Verify email button or visit the provided verification link to verify and confirm your registration.

Step 6:
After the verification completion, a Log in window will appear called Log in to Cloudflare.
Input your email and password and click on the Log In button.

Step 7:
You will be redirected to your Cloudflare dashboard.
Click on the Domains Tab.
Under the Domain Overview Panel, you will see your domain name.
Below the domain name, you will find a green button called Provision Domain with Full Zone Setup. Click on it.

Step 8:
You will be provided with 2 name servers.
You must Update these 2 nameservers from your domain control panel.
Cloudflare status still will be Pending

Step 9:

After updating the 2 nameservers from your domain control panel.
Within 15 – 30 minutes, you will get a notification mail from Cloudflare to your registered email address about the Status Activation of Cloudflare.

Step 10:
Navigate to your Cloudflare Dashboard. 

Click on the Domains Tab.
Under the Domain Overview Panel, you will see your domain name. and the Cloudflare status will be shown as Active.

Congratulations! You have Successfully Integrate Your Website With Cloudflare from cPanel.

After following these steps still, if you are unable to Integrate Your Website With Cloudflare from cPanel, Please
do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

We are Available 24x7x365 with :
Phone: +8809612101010
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