Pay an unpaid invoice with bKash from the Client Area (Portal)

The process of paying an unpaid invoice via bKash from the client area is very easy & simple. Still, many of our new customers were facing difficulties while they were trying to pay an unpaid invoice via bKash payment from the portal. 
This article is provided as a courtesy to our customers, to help them pay the unpaid invoice via bkash from their client area (portal). Hope you will find it helpful.
Let’s get started.

Step 1:

Login to your Client Area (Portal) using this link:
Input your registered email address and password then click on Login.

Login to portal

Step 2:
You will be redirected to your Dashboard.
From the top menu bar click on your Billing, then from the dropdown menu click on My Invoices.

Navigate Billing > My Invoices
Navigate Billing > My Invoices

Step 3:
Here you will see all the (paid & unpaid) invoices.
Click on the unpaid invoice number that you wish to pay with bKash. (We are clicking on the first unpaid invoice for demonstration purpose)

Click on the unpaid invoice number that you wish to pay with bKash

Step 4:
You will see the invoice with your service details. From the invoice’s payment method dropdown, if you wish to pay using bKash, select the¬†bKash¬†option.

From your unpaid invoice, select bKash as your preferred payment method.

Step 5:
Now on the top right side you will see a button called bKash Payment. Click on the button to proceed furtherly with the payment via your bKash account.

Initiate bKash Payment

Step 6:
Now you will be prompted to insert your bKash number. Insert your bKash number and click on the confirm button.

Insert your bKash account number

Step 7:
After that you will get a verification code in your bKash number via SMS. Check and insert the specific verification code and click on the confirm button.

Insert bKash verification code.

Step 8:
Once you verify your bKash number, you need to insert your bKash PIN and click on the confirm button.

Insert your bKash account’s PIN to validate the transaction.

Then you need to wait a bit for your payment to be processed. In the meantime, and you will see a screen as like the following figure:

Payment is getting processed after validating bKash PIN

Step 9:
Finally, you will see that your invoice is automatically paid successfully with your bKash payment.

Invoice is paid successfully via bKash payment.

For some reason if you still got any error or the invoice remains unpaid, but the invoice amount got deducted from your bKash account, then please let us know about the payment details via ticket to the Billing Department.

Please click here for the detailed guide on how to open a ticket from the EyHost portal.
After verifying the details, we will update the invoice and activate the service that you have ordered and paid for. 

Please make sure you provide the following payment details for bKash payment in the ticket:

  1. The number you used for making the payment. (Your bKash number)
  2. Paid Amount of the invoice.
  3. TrxID
  4. Invoice number

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