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Monday, April 8, 2019

Have fun with .FUN TLD

“Hey, how was the weekend?” – It was fun!

“How was your vacation?” – Oh, it was so much fun, I can’t even begin to describe!

Apparently, the standard answer to every second light-hearted question these days is “fun”. Owing to the universal reliability of this emotion, we are featuring .FUN. as our TLD in focus for this Tuesday.


.FUN made its entry into the General Availability phase in April 2017. Radix, one of the most popular new gTLD registries in the industry, rightfully manages registrations for .FUN domains.

The .FUN namespace is more like a playground for sharing things that get us excited and cheerful – individuals and businesses alike. It is meant for those who create fun content as well as those who love consuming fun content. With a fairly targeted audience yet a largely versatile appeal, .FUN has an audience that surpasses the barriers of the profession, unlike other TLDs.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Why you should choose .info TLD?

People are looking for info online. Why not make it easy to find?

One of the key elements to a successful Web presence is ensuring visitors of a simple, intuitive, and safe path to your site. Choosing a .INFO domain lays the perfect foundation for attaining these goals, and having a successful site!

Why .info?

.INFO domains have a large international audience, and have been registered in almost every single country! You can also register your .INFO domain in 10 different languages, accommodating a larger, multi-lingual audience.

EyHost Special Discount on .ICU Domains

We are pleased to announce that, .ICU will be available on EyHost at a special promotional price of $1.64. 

What does .ICU stand for?

.ICU, shorthand for "I See You", is a new name designed to provide an easy, innovative, and universal alternative to traditional domains.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

.host The Signature TLD of The Hosting Industry.

 .host is created especially for hosting related company. Everyone will easily understand what the company is and what they do? … by using .host
Besides giving your website a higher chance of popping up on search engines, this domain strengthens the credibility of your website and conveys your single minded dedication to your services.
Why Choose .host Domain extension?
  • A .host domain name could also apply to online game hosting, party hosting, exchange student hosting, or any other definition of the word “host.”
  • There are no restrictions on .host domain name registrations. Anyone can register, and the domain name can be used for any purpose.

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