Start having .fun for your Business

Everyone deserves to have a little .fun

A short and meaningful new domain extension, perfect for individuals and organizations focusing on entertainment or leisure sectors by creating a brand image that is young, vibrant and relatable. The world can change, the web can expand, but fun will always be fun – and .fun will always be the place to find it online.

Why .fun?

  • Amusement parks, arcades, and other facilities geared towards entertainment can use .FUN to evoke positive feelings when visitors are browsing their website.
  • Comedic shows and acts can use this relevant domain to stand out from their competition.
  • Children’s websites can appeal to a younger audience with a less serious domain extension.

Looking for a goofy website, comedy blog or place to show off your favorite pastime? .FUN has you covered. Get yours today!

Registrar your domain from :

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